Glued panels - Exploitation rules


A glued panel is made of wood. Regardless of species, the whole panel has a humidity of 8-12 %. This is an optimum humidity to produce joinery. A panel is glued with a D3 glue suitable for an indoor use.

Wood is a natural living material exposed to environmental influence. Depending on air humidity, wood can absorb or desorb water. This will happen until the product is covered with varnish or oil.

Therefore, working with a glued panel provides several operating instructions. Failing to follow them may cause deformation (buckling) or checking on butt ends.

Such problems are mainly caused by humidity changes during transportation and storage in places with high or, contrariwise, low humidity.

Main storage rules for glued panels:

  1. The complete product is to be packed.
  2. Do not unpack a glued panel immediately after delivery. It has to “acclimatize” at the room temperature. It is especially true in a wintertime when, after transportation at subzero temperatures, the product is brought into a warm room, and the problems will be inevitable if you unpack it immediately.
  3. Do not store a glued panel in highly humid rooms, where “wet” repair works are conducted such as plastering, puttying, screed coating.
  4. Glued panels are to be stored on dry and ventilated premises, in horizontal stacks on cushions.

Main assembling rules for glued panels:

  1. Before assembling a glued panel, especially in a wintertime, a week-long acclimatization of a glued panel in a room is advised.
  2. A glued panel is designed for installation in rooms with a temperature of 10 to 30°C and a relative humidity of 40 to 60 %.
  3. Do not keep a glued panel in vicinity of heaters.
  4. A glued panel assembly during construction or repair is to be performed by total readiness of a dry room. Low humidity and high temperature in the room are to be avoided as well.

Mounting rules:

After unpacking the product, polish butt ends of glued panels with varnish, wax or oil. This procedure takes 5-10 minutes and will spare you a lot of problems in future. In a wintertime, humidity in heated rooms is very low and usually nobody bothers buying and mounting moisturizers. It is butt ends of a glued panel that are responsible for the most part of water desorption (about 75 %) and if the environment is dry and hot, the panel will crack on edges. Herewith it is not a rarity when a panel has a humidity of 10 % (i. e. normal) in the middle and 5-6 % on edges what leads to problems such as buckling or checking inevitably. Polishing of butt ends helps to avoid that. We recommend to repeat this procedure after cutting the panel open as well.

We can sum up the before-mentioned with another recommendation: buy a glued panel in advance to give it time for acclimatization.

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