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Edge glued panels from WALNUT. Special measurements for steps, tabletops, etc.
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High-quality hardwood for a reasonable price. Delivery across Estonia, Finland, Latvia, etc
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Our advantages

Product Availability
Product Availability
All items on the site are in stock and always available for shipment
Product Calculation
Product Calculation
We will calculate the cost of the entire product and help you choose the material
Fast Shipping
Fast Shipping
We organize inexpensive delivery within 2-3 days in Estonia, Sweden, Finland
Order Customization
Order Customization
We provide maximum customization ( any cutouts, coating, notches, and much more)
B2B - it's easy with us!
B2B - it's easy with us!
Special terms for work in large b2b (we’ll deliver from Ukraine and produce the required volume)
Glued wood is Stragendo

Glued wood is Stragendo

Stragendo OÜ company was founded in 2005 in Tallinn. We have been selling glued wood made of oak, ash, and other species since the first days of our existence. Stragendo is one of the most extensive lumber and joinery stores in Estonia.  Currently, we stock more than 1000 different glued and solid wood products, such as furniture boards, blanks, logs, and boards.

Stragendo Manifesto

Stragendo's three main priorities in work are product quality, responsible partners, and efficiency.

  • Product quality

We carefully select the products we purchase. We are not chasing over-large sales of trucks and containers. We strive to offer the best wood on the market.

We control the production of the lumber and are responsible for drying, so we are 100% sure of the quality of the lumber we sell.

  • Responsible partners

There are many different companies in the timber market; some ignore environmental issues, a responsible approach to the forest, and sanctions.

We select reliable suppliers to be sure of the legal origin of the wood.

  • Efficiency

We understand how important it is for clients to save time and use it as efficiently as possible.

We are always happy to help with project calculations, search for the best material option, find the most suitable transport, and securely pack and ship as soon as possible.

We will help with the prompt production of non-standard orders.


Thus, Stragendo does not offer the best price; we offer the most reasonable price for a quality product from a reliable source in the shortest possible time.

If you have any suggestions for work, comments - we will be glad to receive your feedback [email protected].

How we are working

Produce quality materials
1 Ukraine
Furniture board
Store at our warehouse in Tallinn and make finished products
2 Estonia
Window sills
and much more...
Deliver to EU countries
3 Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland
Estonia, Latvia (1-2 days)
Finland, Sweden (2-3 days)

Chronicle of our projects

All gallery
Oak Oil Various ...
Long shelve made from oak

Shelve made from oak, 35х450х2650 mm, finished with natural oil, Live edge.

Oak Clean Tabletop ...
Huge oak tabletop

Tabletop 45x1000х3600 mm, made from wide European oak boards.

Oak Oil Tabletop ...
Wild oak tabletop

European oak, natural oil, wild pattern. Size - 1000x2800 mm.

Glued wood has several advantages over solid wood. First, it is stronger and more resistant to stress. Secondly, it allows you to use as much wood as possible, reducing wastage.

The main types of glued wood include furniture board, horizontal blanks for tabletops, and wooden blanks for posts, legs and handrails.

Also, glued wood is classified by thickness (if it is a board), and by section (if square or rectangular blanks). Depending on the wood type, it can be oak, ash, or beech wood.

There are some precautions when working with glued wood. There are some precautions when working with glued wood. For instance, you should not open the package immediately after delivery. We suggest you start working with the material 2-3 days after delivery.

How Stragendo will help

If your company - Produces furniture, stairs, and other joinery, - Makes decorative elements, - Repairs, creates interior space, - Performs construction work-Perhaps you deal with glued wood as part of your day-to-day activities.

Stragendo is always ready to help select the required type of wood and product. On request, we will see the product to the required size and arrange delivery to your warehouse or workshop.  Please get in touch with us if you need to produce a large batch of non-standard sizes of glued wood. We try to cooperate effectively with Ukrainian production. Thus, we can promptly produce the required volume of furniture board, bar, or other glued wood in a short time.


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