Consolidated shipping terms

We ship the orders in: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania. Delivery in Estonia can be carried out during the day or on the next day after payment. Delivery to other countries takes 1-3 days after payment. We use consolidated delivery.  It is a fast and inexpensive type of shipping. But it has some rules:

  • delivery companies work on working days, during work time
  • mainly, shipping is carried out with a truck transport
  • client need to unload the order
  • for a big pack, it is necessary to have a loader on the point of unloading
  • company compose the way of delivery in the day of shipping, so there is no opportunity to tell the exact time of shipping in advance
  • if the place of unloading is hard to reach for a transport, unloading has to be made on the nearest to client parking or gas station

NB! It's crucial that you, as the recipient, check the items attentively upon receiving them. 

If there are any damages to the package:

  1. Open the package; if there will be critical damage to the item, return the item to the driver
  2. If the damage is not critical, please write the complaint into the CMR document (the driver has to provide it)

In case of the absence of complaints in the CMR document, we cannot demand the delivery company to compensate for the damages.

There are two options:

1.Delivery with a truck.

Avaliable for shipping to Finland and Sweden.

Delivery with a truck


- cheaper

- any volume could be inside

- limited delivery zones (cannot enter in villages, on a narrow rides)

- for a reloading of a big order it is necessary to have special equipment


2. Delivery with a back-lift car. 

Availible for a shipping throught Estonia, Finland, Sweden.

Delivery with a back-lift car


- more expesinve

- could enter in any village, come close to the house

- comfortable reloading from the back part

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Important information

How to save money on the delivery? A little lifehack. The price for delivery depends on the length of the ordered item. The longer item - the higher price for delivery. If you plan to cut the panel or the board, use our cutting service and the delivery will be cheaper. It will pay off!

NB! If you order the delivery by yourself or pick up the items with your car, we always help you to load the panels, boards, etc to the car regardless of car type or goods volume

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