We ship the orders in:

  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Sweden 
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania  

Delivery in Estonia can be carried out during the day or on the next day after payment. Delivery to other countries takes 1-3 days after payment. We use consolidated delivery.  It is a fast and inexpensive type of shipping.

Consolidated shipping terms

  • delivery companies work on working days, during work time
  • mainly, shipping is carried out with a truck transport
  • client need to unload the order
  • for a big pack, it is necessary to have a loader on the point of unloading
  • company compose the way of delivery in the day of shipping, so there is no opportunity to tell the exact time of shipping in advance
  • if the place of unloading is hard to reach for a transport, unloading has to be made on the nearest to client parking or gas station

Please use the form to get a price for your shipping. Or write our partners from the list of partners: Recommended delivery companies​

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