To get a price quote, please send us your request to stragendo@stragendo. Or simply use the contact form down below the article. 

Stragendo offers you the following services:

Panel cutting

All of the panels you see on the website can be cut to the size you need. The price depends on the size of the panel (the bigger the panel, the more expensive it is), the weight and the option you need.
Two options are possible:

  • The "black part" means that we saw the board into 2 or 3 parts with a hand saw. In this case, the final size will differ +-2-5 mm from the required size.
  • The "finishedsize" means that we saw the panel to your size on a special formatting machine. In this case, the final size will be precise.

Making holes in a panel

If you need to install a sink or fittings, we can make the necessary holes in the panel. It would be great if you could provide us with a template of the sink to be installed.

Making joints between the panels

Sometimes it is necessary to make 4 meters tabletop but the material is only 2 meters long. Or you have L-shaped tabletop, and you want the two parts to be securely fastened together. 
In such cases, we can makes pecial joints between the parts.

Gluing two panels together

Some cases require non-standard widths. 780, 830, 920, 1020, just any width you can imagine. Most of the panels are 650 and 1000 mm wide. Insuch acase, we can gluepanelstogether in order to obtain the necessary size. The price depends on the size and thickness.

Coating sanding

All of our panels are sanded with 180 grit sandpaper. They are not rough, but that is not enough to cover the panel with oil or varnish. Before coating, you need to sand the panel. Softwood such as pine can be sanded by hand. But for hardwood like oak or ash, it is much better to use special sanding equipment.

Making radiuses

All of our panels have more or less right edges and corners. Such corners are sharp. To make the panel suitable for stairs or a table, the corners need to be softened. If desired, corners can also be rounded.

Oil orvarnish finish

Any wood should be finished with oil or varnish. This will protect the wood from deformation and water damage. Of course, it will emphasize the beauty of the texture.

Finishing price depends on:

Color - simple, natural colors are cheaper, meanwhile complicated colors with patina are more expensive 

Size and thickness. Big panels weigh so much that you have to involve two people to work with them. 

Packaging for long-distance delivery

If your product or panel will have a long journey to reach you, we can provide secure packaging. 
Standard packaging is included in the delivery. If you want more complex packaging, contact us for a pricing quote.


Stragendo doesn't have its own delivery vehicles. We work with several transportation companies that provide consolidated delivery. All details can be found in the Delivery section.

Installation (only in Harjumaa)

If you need to install a product purchased at Stragendo, please contact us. Our expert installer has a lot of experience and not much free time. The service is only available in Harjumaa.

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