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Stragendo: Your Reliable Partner In Non-StandardOrders

In the 14 years of work in the woodworking business, we have been completed many non-standard orders.

Own manufacture in Ukraine, a lot of industry contacts in Europe, extensive experience in woodworking - all these factors helped us fulfill all orders in time, with a profit both for our clients and us.

Some of the projects we've completed in recent years:


Set of oak outside benches according to Helsinki city standards, made for a finnish landscape design company.


Set of a different oak furniture, made for a hobby room, for a finnish real estate development company.


54 different oak tabletops, with a complicated finishing. Made for a swedish company in Stockholm.


120 customized panels for a Latvian interior company for further use in a Swedish hotel

120 customized panels


More than 100 stair steps for Hiiuma Tuuletorn (the main shopping center on Hiiuma Island). Tabletops in oak, thickness of 80 mm (!)


Set of a thick tabletops for Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (Estonian Academy of Arts)

During 2017-2018

More than 10,000 of cutting board workpieces for well-known Frankfurter Brett project


About 30 tables for a meat restaurant in Tallinn. Tables are made of caucasus oak, the material is edge glued. Tables are round, square and one long live edge big-family table.


About 100 windowsills for Narva college.  Fingerjoint oakis budget-friendly and durable.

All of these projects were realized with Estonian partners. According to privacy terms, we do not mention them. 

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