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This board is obtained after processing unedged boards.

the Carpenter holding an oak boar

What is an edged lumber

In fact, this is the second stage of processing a tree trunk.  Regardless of the type of saw, the output after the first cut is unedged board, with bark and rough edges.

Most often, the second stage of wood processing is the removal of bark on a trimming machine. After that, the board enters the drying kiln, where it reaches the carpentry level of humidity (8-12%).  So it turns out the most common carpentry in the world lumber.

However, some technologists prefer to first dry the unedged board, and only after that to remove the bark and rough edges.


Troubleshooting edged boards

Wide selection of edged boards

The edged board is divided into sub-types depending on the quality (knots, sapwood, etc.) and depending on the edge processing. 

For example, Centerplanks are boards with one side edged and the other side unedged.  This board is obtained during the cutting of a log on a special sawmill in order to achieve a smooth, radial texture.

The edged board is more expensive than the unedged one.  With 1 m3 of wood in the trunk, about 0.6 m3 of edged board is obtained.

Most manufacturers supply the edged board in a set of one thickness, a length in the range of + -500 mm and a width of 100 mm or more, without restrictions.

 In our experience, the most commonly used edged board is 150 mm wide and 2200 mm long, 26 or 52 mm thick.

In the European classification, the designation is the letter F (QFA, QF1A, QF1B, QF2, etc). The American classification is more diverse.  There are three main categories - Prime (oak of selected quality, without flaws), Fas (board, where one side contains at least 83% of the usable area) and Com. (Middle class board, more than half of the usable area, further depending on the subspecies).

Pack of edged lumber

Using eged lumber

Since the edged board is a basic carpentry material, it is difficult to outline the boundaries of the application.  Starting from blanks, furniture panels and ending with final products - tables, doors, coffins.

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