Tabletops and Legs

Live edge style furniture is one of the last trends in modern design. Live edge furniture has two features - 1) using nature edges as edges of the tabletop, 2) large wide achievement using one or two boards.

Every tabletop, bench, table made in live edge style is unique and do not have any copy.  We offer high wide boards made from old oak. Some of them have nature edges, some are edged.

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 60x60 / 70x70 / 80x80, h=72 cm
187,20 €/pair
60x72 / 70x72 / 80x72 cm
189,40 €/pair
50x72 / 60x72 / 70x72 cm
179,40 €/pair
60x72 / 70x72 / 80x72 / 90x72 cm
219,60 €/pair