Wood panels

Solid wood panelThe Solid Wood Panel is the lamels (boards) which are glued together, from 20 to 100 mm wide, in the form of a rectangular panel. In the past ten years, a Solid Wood Panel has become one of the main carpentry materials in Europe.  First of all, it saves the time for the carpenter to make furniture and opens up opportunities for DIY.

Solid Wood Panel -  is a blank, which must be given a finished look.  Format to the required size, sand the surface and cover with the necessary oil or varnish.  Solid Wood Panel 2-3 times accelerates the production of tables, steps, table tops, shelves, and other joinery.

Why Solid Wood Panel should be purchased at Stragendo?

• Wide selection of sizes.

In our warehouse, there are thicknesses from 16 mm to 60 mm, widths from 200 mm to 1200 mm, lengths from 350 mm to 4500 mm. Choose the most suitable size to minimize waste.

• Fast shipping and delivery.

Within an hour, Stragendo will prepare your order.  And if delivery is needed, then tomorrow the client will have the material in any city in Estonia and the day after tomorrow in Finland

• Customer service and customized work.

Custom sizes? Calculate a complex project?  We will help you! If the necessary material is not in stock, we will try to bring it for you in the next few months.

Choose necessary type of glued wood panels


Classification of glued panels

By the type of gluing – edge glued Panel (lamellas glued together in width), fingerjoint ​​(lamellas glued together in length and width).

By the quality - A / B (Panel without defects on one side, weak defects on the second side), A / C (one flawless side, significant flaws on the second), Rustic (Panel consisting entirely of wood with defects). 

By the width of the lamellas - narrow Panel (lamellas 20 mm wide), standard Panel (lamellas 40-50 mm), wide Panel (60 mm or more).

All of these factors also affect the price of the Solid Wood Panel.  The higher the quality and the wider the lamella, the better the material is needed for production and the more expensive the Panel is.

But most of all, wood species affect the price.  Oak Panel is more expensive than ash, and ash is more expensive than birch, pine and so on.

Features of glued panels

The humidity of the Solid Wood Panel should be from 8 to 12%.  This is an important aspect because the Solid Wood Panel is subject to deformation if you don’t pay attention to air humidity and other physical aspects.

The Solid Wood Panel must be stored lying sealed in the package.  It is not recommended to open the package within 1-2 days after purchase.  The Panel must "get used" to the temperature and humidity in the workshop or warehouse.  After opening the package, it is desirable to process the product as quickly as possible - format and coat with oil or varnish, to prevent humidity accumulation.