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Wood shelves

Wood shelves
Wood shelves
Wood shelves

Solid wood is a suitable material for shelves. Both glued and massive boards will make nice shelves to add to your interior.
Especially when the shelves are on the level of eyes and you will see the surfaces. In such case, not a single type of melamine could replace the esthetic value of wood.
For shelves with thickness 30-40 mm, it is possible to make hidden connections, that would make the appearance of the shelves lightweight and airy.
For shelves with the thickness less than 30 mm, the construction would be a little bit more complicated, but also there is no need to use visible connections.
An example of products is visible on the image below. 

Approximate prices:

Type of item

Item №2 (sanding)Item №3 (oiled/lacquered)
Common rectangular shelve25 € + VAT35 € + VAT
  • The price is for a running meter of an item with 200 - 300 mm width, thickness - 30-40 mm,
  • The price is only for the manufacturing (item made from glued panels)
  • The prices for the specific materials, that You find interesting, are found in the appropriate sub-section,
  • It is an approximate price for a common item. Any additions (holes, grooves, cutouts etc) could change the price.
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