Oak woodplanter Squarebox Wenge

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Product Description

Wooden planters for window sills. Well stand on a small windowsill that can fit on a Desk or shelf. It is best to plant direct plants (e.g. lavender or agave).  perfect for modern interiors (loft, contemporary) and zoning.

Size - 19х49, h = 17 cm.

Three plastic pots Elho 15x15 cm in the expanded set.

100% solid oak, the water-repellent surface (OSMO oil)

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Amazing and good quality products with very nice customer service. Got myself an oak table top and couldn't be more satisfied!

Posted by Eemeli Kouki on Saturday, February 22, 2020

Nice dining room table - thanks. You adjusted many things to suit our taste :)

Опубликовано Tommi Jokiniemi Четверг, 8 августа 2019 г.

Everything worked very well, and the items are according our order. Thank you very much for your nice co-operation.

Опубликовано Mervi Tölli Вторник, 30 апреля 2019 г.

Kiirelt täidetud tellimus, tublid. Vedude tegijaga võiksite kokku leppida, et ka nemad teatavad kui kaup kohal (näiteks Tartus), nii oleks lihtsam :-)

Опубликовано Margus Sarap Среда, 22 августа 2018 г.
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